Usher is mourning the loss of his grandmother Ernestine 'Tina' Carter.

The Burn hitmaker, full name Usher Raymond IV, wrote a heartfelt tribute to his grandmother on Instagram on Monday, days after she passed away on Christmas Eve at the age of 87.

"It's taken me a few days to come to grips with the fact that my Grandma Tina is no longer with me," he wrote alongside pictures and videos of them together. "I'm praying for clarity and strength for all whom relied on her. Her daily devotion was to help those in need and she did just that. It was her life's work. She was truly a prayer warrior for me and so many others. I feel a bit lost right now."

The 44-year-old explained that half of him is trying to stay strong for others while the other half "continues to break silently" because he "just wasn't ready" to say goodbye to her.

"We were just laughing days ago ... I really thought we had more time," he continued. "Her last words to me were, 'There's a time for everything son ...there's a time to laugh, a time to cry...there's a time to live and a time to die.'"

Usher shared with his followers that Carter was his "earth angel" who could always pick him up when he was down by telling him "I love you more".

"I need you right now more than ever Grandma. Just to hear u one more time. Missin u. I celebrate u and your life!!" he concluded his post. "Someone told me just today, 'Keep in mind that it's only sad b/c we miss them and that's us being selfish and rightfully so but it's really a congratulatory celebration b/c they're at the ultimate place forever!' I believe that... she will be missed very much (sic)."