Bob Dylan has explained why he dedicated his new book to employees at a doughnut company.

Following the release of The Philosophy of Modern Song in November, fans noticed that the legendary singer-songwriter included "all the crew at Dunkin' Donuts" on the dedication page, in addition to friends and publishing executives.

But in a rare interview with The Wall Street Journal published Monday, Dylan explained why he referred to the coffee chain on his list.

"(I thanked) the 'crew from Dunkin' Donuts' because they were compassionate, supportive and they went the extra mile," he stated.

Elsewhere in the wide-ranging conversation, Dylan revealed he is a fan of "old-fashioned" TV shows such as Coronation Street, Father Brown, and The Twilight Zone but doesn't watch the news.

"I'm no fan of packaged programs or news shows. I never watch anything foul-smelling or evil. Nothing disgusting, nothing dog a*s," the 81-year-old continued.

The Philosophy of Modern Song, which contains commentary on 66 songs by other artists, is now available to purchase.