Her last Hits Radio Breakfast Show before this Saturday’s Strictly Come Dancing final was an emotional one for Fleur East, as she heard messages of support from her family before a surprise visit to the studio from her Uncle Sean – the brother of her late Dad.

Having listened to a series of messages from family including her Mum and her sister Kesha, who both told her how proud they were of her, Fleur was told that there would be one final surprise.
Invited into the studio by co-hosts James and Matt, Uncle Sean then told a tearful Fleur: ‘Your Dad would be on Cloud 9 today wouldn’t he? Although you’ve had a bit of a tough old journey - it’s not been the easiest experience, has it?’

He went on to tell listeners: ‘Fleur’s Dad would have been massively proud – he would have been ecstatic. It was his favourite programme - I don’t think he’d be able to speak he’d be so excited. It’s going to be an exciting weekend, her Dad would have been absolutely over the moon, so you’ve just got to get out there, get the votes and win please!’

An emotional Fleur laughed through her tears and replied: ‘No pressure Uncle Sean!’

It finally all proved too much for Fleur as the usually stoic presenter broke down and admitted: ‘I think we really needed something like this, Strictly has just bought so much joy to our family’s lives and it came at the perfect time. And the fact that it was Dad’s favourite show was the best thing and it means so much more for that reason.‘