Dolly Parton has rejected speculation suggesting her breasts were so heavy they had "broken" her back.

During an interview for ET Canada, the country music icon was asked to clarify some "wild rumours" about her life.

To begin, Dolly pointed to an article in the National Enquirer which suggested her boobs had caused her to be "crippled".

"Oh, heavens, I've heard everything. There was one time Enquirer magazine (said) that my boobs were so heavy that they had broken my back down and that I couldn't get up, that I was going to be crippled for the rest of my life," she said, before adding: "And I thought, well, they are big and they are heavy, but I can still get around... I'm doing all right."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Dolly confirmed she has a "few" tattoos and always sleeps with a full face of make-up when on the road.

"I always wear my make-up, and I always, if I don't have my own hair fixed, I have a wig on a lamp shade or something because you never know when you're going to have to exit a building," the 76-year-old added.