Little Simz has released her latest album, 'No Thank You'.

The 2022 Mercury Prize winner surprised fans last week by announcing her follow-up to her fourth studio album 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' would be released on December 12.

The news came only with the deep statement: “Emotion is energy in motion. Honour your truth and feelings. Eradicate fear. Boundaries are important.”

The 10-track LP is produced by Simz' long-time collaborator, Inflo - who is a member of the R'n'B collective SAULT and penned three songs on Adele's latest LP '30' - and the pair build on the strength of previous releases with this emotionally-charged outing.

Simz said her Mercury Prize triumph left her felling "humbled".

She tweeted at the time: "Incredibly grateful and humbled. Mad journey. Thank you for the love, still processing so I don’t have many words but from the bottom of my heart thank you."

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old star is also focusing on her acting ambitions, having already played Shelley in Netflix's 'Top Boy' revival along with other projects.

She said recently: "For me, the idea is to be stretched, and not repetitive.”

Earlier in the year, the singer-and-rapper was forced to reschedule her US tour due to financial concerns.

She explained: "I take my live shows seriously and would only want to give you guys nothing but the best of me.

"Being an independent artist, I pay for everything encompassing my live performances out of my own pocket and touring the US for a month would leave me in a huge deficit.

“As much as this pains me to not see you at this time, I’m just not able to put myself through that mental stress.

"It’s important for me to speak my truth about this and be honest. I appreciate the love and excitement you guys have for seeing me live. Rest assured I will be there soon, back bigger and better.”