A$AP Rocky's priorities have shifted since he became a father earlier this year.

The rapper, real name Rakim Mayers, welcomed a son with his girlfriend Rihanna in May.

Reflecting on his career goals in an interview for Complex, Rocky emphasised that he is entirely focused on his music and family right now.

"The most important thing that they should know about me, if they don't already know, is that I'm pure artistry right now," he said. "I'm in a place where I want to give my all to all of this. All I have is my craft, my art, my family. That's just my life. That's what encompasses or completes my life at this moment."

And while Rocky noted that it is a "really weird time" for the hip-hop community at the moment, due to the deaths of several prominent figures, he is looking forward to dropping new music.

"I don't really care for the politics of it. I just want to give mother**kers some dope s**t. They're going to see. It's going to be ill. I want to press the reset button on everything that we're doing and hopefully lead by example for everybody else to be more creative, forward thinking," the 34-year-old continued.

Elsewhere in the chat, Rocky revealed that fans may not have to wait too long for his next record - the follow-up to 2018's Testing.

"Without giving out too many surprises, it's some cool s**t in store. And it's not a situation where they are going to have to wait long," he insisted.