Motorhead are giving fans an ouija board to contact Lemmy Kilmister through the 'Seriously Bad Magic' box set.

The 'Ace of Spaces' rockers are releasing a new edition of their 2015 album 'Bad Magic' - their 22nd and final release before frontman Lemmy's death aged 70 that year - and they have unveiled previously unreleased track 'Bullet In Your Brain' to celebrate the upcoming release.

The box set edition of the reissue will come with an ouija board, "should the desire to have a chat with Lem or anyone beyond this mortal coil arise".

The board will include an 'Ace of Spades' planchette to help fans spell out their conversations with any spirits they may encounter.

The collection - which is set to be released on February 24, 2023 - will also include 'Greedy B*******', alongside 'Bullet In Your Brain'.

The latter - which was now available to stream alongside a music video with never before seen footage - was recorded during the 'Bad Magic' sessions.

Meanwhile, the upcoming release will also feature Motorhead's live set at Japan's Mt Fuji Rock Festival in 2015, as well as an audio interview with Lemmy from the tour.

Last year, it was revealed Lemmy's ashes were used to create tattoos for the band's tour manager and production assistant, after his request before his death was for his remains to be placed inside bullets and sent to his loved ones.

Crew members Eddie Rocha and Emma Cederblad have shared a video of them getting the permanent tribute to their late friend.

The clip begins with the caption: "Some of Lemmy's ashes were shared with family and close friends."

The bullet is then shown before the powdery residue is seen being slipped into ink to create a portrait of the musician for Eddie's leg, and the band's iconic spade emblem for Emma.