Rapper DDG has opened up about going viral for revealing his real voice.

The rapper, who goes by DDG or PontiacMadeDDG, appeared on the Dope As Usual podcast in October and revealed an ultra low voice unfamiliar to fans from his music.

In a clip that later went viral, he explained, "This my real voice," then, changing to the tone used in his songs, he added, "I just talk like this when I'm trying to make music and make content and s**t."

In a new YouTube video, the Moonwalking in Calabasas rapper confessed that using his real voice in public appearances makes him feel "real insecure", saying the online response to the reveal "just goes to show why I don't use it".

He said, "I don't like to really, like, expose myself like that... I like to stay low-key and just be who I am... So I've been trying to, like, talk regular."

The 25-year-old continued, "I feel like when I talk regular, it's like I'm more relatable to y'all... It's just easier for me to grow as a musical artist, creator and s**t.

"I just feel like if I use my deep voice, a lot of y'all wouldn't take me seriously, and it'd be, like, funny. I see a lot of people laughing about it and s**t, and that's just like, that's why I don't like really using it like that."