This morning on Fitzy & Wippa, we chat with artist Vance Joy. Vance reveals he once walked out of a writing session with One Direction, saying “None of my ideas are going through. I've got to get out of here. And I was just like, at some point, I was like alright, my Uber is coming guys.” He also talks about his former AFL days and the moment his team realised he could sing.


FITZY Have you been to one of those songwriting camps? I didn't know that this happens quite a bit in the industry, but these people that that all get together.

WIPPA I hate that.

FITZY There’s a lot of creati… You hate that? You do covers for platinum mate.

WIPPA No if you're an artist, and you've got some ideas, and there's the pressure to contribute in front of the other artists. And then the awkwardness of saying, if someone else is there going on, that's really cool, man. I'm feeling that you want me to extend on that. You want me to layer that.

VANCE One story, but I just, it was funny story that I rocked up to a songwriting session. And it was like, these guys work with one direction and stuff. And honestly, I got to this house, it was like, an hour drive into like Calabasas to this giant kind of property. And I got there and I soon realized that they just must have misplaced the schedule or something and they didn't know I was coming that day. And so I was like, Hey, I'm here. And they're like, Oh, hey um. It was a songwriting day for one direction. And there was like Louie and Liam, where they know, and I was the spare part, I was the absolute spare part, no one knew I was gonna be there. And, and as throughout the day, I was like, they don’t even… none of my ideas are going through. I've got to get out of here. And I was just like, at some point, I was like, Alright, my Uber is coming guys. And I was like, yeah, just got out of there. It was so awkward.

FITZY You’re kidding me. Were you contributing?

VANCE I was contributing like but I also was like, I shouldn't be here. They don't didn't expect me here and they kind of had their idea of this is the One Direction songs are going down today. The guys were super nice. But they were like I don't think I ever fitted into their plan of being like, they’ve got this covered.


FITZY We need to talk about this. So you've only just revealed this is it. So Howie did this, The Howie Games which is great podcasts but how he revealed that your nickname back in his footy days, it was the glove?

VANCE Yeah I think just to clarify, there was about two weeks where Craig McCrae who had taken over at Coburg tigers. I don't know I think he was like, okay, Jimmy's in the back. Maybe just be a glove, which means just get on the opponent and just follow them everywhere. Don't let them move just be fit on them like a glove. And so that's what I did. And I guess yeah, I wasn't there for my skills or anything else. Just to stand next to someone.

FITZY Did you ever play any songs down the footy club?


FITZY Have you been back to the footy club and perform for them? They would have asked you numerous times.

VANCE Yeah, I should make good on that. I haven't, I did play my first year at Coburg. The coach was Andy Collins, and he did this thing where it's like talent show on a football camp. And I got up and I sang. I also feel like no one knew that I could sing and I got up and I saying this Thing Called Love by Queen. And all the guys were like, what happened to this guy? We didn’t know, he's a wildcard.

FITZY So they had no idea you were musically gifted?

VANCE Yeah. And I did it acapella. And I think actually some of the guys, no one knew what to think but then one of the players whose it was absolutely gyn. He's named Fortunato, he was like Jimmy you should get on the Get on the voice Australian Idol or something? I was like, All right. Yeah, so I definitely I kept playing, I played covers I played fuel shimmer, which is a definite hit.