Gorillaz have teamed up with Smirnoff to launch their own bottle of special edition vodka.

Damon Albarn's band has created an exclusive limited edition Smirnoff x Gorillaz bottle featuring the group's characters as well as their own cocktail recipes including the Vodka Murdini - a spin on the classic vodka martini inspired by Gorillaz character Murdoc - and the Smirnoff Brooklyn - which pays homage to the vodka Manhattan and character Russel’s love of chilli.

Both recipes feature n the bottle, and a description of the Vodka Murdini states: "Murdoc Niccals is affectionately regarded by the Gorillaz fandom community as Pickle (owing to his green skin) and we wouldn’t put it past him to consider himself the ideal candidate for the next Bond, so it was a no brainer to take the shaken-not-stirred classic and whack a pickle in it… Hold the olive."

Murdoc said of the collaboration: "Nothing to see here folks - just the OG vodka brand teaming up with the OG virtual band. Cheers Smirnoff - pleasure doing business with you! I'm not usually one for labels, but this is a beauty!"

Mark Jarman, Head of Smirnoff GB, added: "Smirnoff is built on the spirit of originality and individuality in all forms; Gorillaz are true originals who dare to push the boundaries in everything they do. We are thrilled to be working with the band to continue creating originality and disrupting the creativity of cocktails."

Other cocktail recipes created as part of the collaboration include the Vodka Eyeball and the Sayonara Martini Cocktail.

The limited edition bottles will be available via Amazon from October 27 2022.