The debut album by Brixton born but France based Lewca will be released on December 16th.

“The punk rock and hip-hop trajectories were somewhat similar: both were being made by young people without virtuoso skill, and both were about ideas more than musicianship, they were edgy and frowned upon by anyone who wasn’t part of the respective scenes.”
Rick Rubin

Lewca is a character, he is your superhero alter ego. The late thirties court jester that gets drunk has the best drugs goes to the best parties and has the best time. He is as much Johnny Rotten as he is Keith Flint an extension of the real person to enable the real Lewca get his worldly view and art across and by doing so he does it with aplomb.
To get Lewca you must get that. So, rip off the woke plaster and let's get into it.

The best way to start an album I feel is to take your time and build slowly, don't give it all away straight away. No course not - its rip the ceiling off with a statement of intent. Set the scene and rock da house - The first track is called "Such a C**t" a cautionary tale of trying not to be one. It does all the above and some.

Quickly following is the first of the big stadium/club bangers the ones where Rock and Rap are fused so easily that the aforementioned Rick Rubin should stroke his masterful beard and say yes - It’s the one-man Beastie Boys. Supported by the magnificence of Liverpool Psych Band Mondo Trasho. It should be played at every Indie Disco for ever on a Friday Night! Why because it’s called « Friday Night Rockstar » of course.

'Harmony Korine' is a crazy euro beat romp with Lewca rapping about his childhood in the 80's with the greatest line of "Chain smoking in the car with the windows up & the kids in the back with no seatbelts on".

'A Million Things' is a cool groover with and ode to Bill Hicks - it’s got a brilliant Money Mark keyboard backing - I love it.

Elsewhere through the album Lewca has used his many impressive musician friends to work on the album - Orange G makes an appearance on “Everyday Struggle” and then there is the marvellous “Incredible”.

“Incredible” is a ketamine inspired fever dream rap that actually happened to our rapping hero telling of a true story of thinking he was an incredible rapper. The Vocals by Chris James Willows only assist the tune reach its down right and dirty heights. Incredible.

Whilst musically Lewca is part rap n rock it's really a lot more than that. You get reggae and ska inspired tunes, drum n bass n dubstep and with “The Love Within” you get eighties funk disco. It's Goat Boy doing a love song and may be the best/hardest song to listen to on the album.

Another big banger that would sound great at a festival or club is « Radio Gigolo » a bastardised AC/DC meets Queen romp.

'I fell in love with a serial killer' is the catchiest crazy song you'll hear in a while - it takes the Kasabian type name and throws it across a packed dance floor. Riffs. Yeah, we can dig it!

The album ends with the thoughtful 'Smoke In The Air' which is where Lewca fully becomes the Tom Waits of Hip Hop or even Serge Gainsbourg - his rough and ready voice over a brilliant drum n bass beat.

This is an album that is full of cliches for sure but that’s the beauty in it - charm is something you need to get away with stuff these days and Lewca has that in bucket loads.

It’s a modern-day late-night party record that deserves to have as much impact as Licenced to Ill had back in the 80's - that had loads of cliches and charm as well, so you know - fricking great.

An album that dares to be honest and in your face. Yes, it may offend but you know mostly the joke is on Lewca. He's a loveable rogue and the kind of bloke you want in your corner.

The Tom Waits of hip hop. The enjoyable Sleaford Mod. The Keith Flint of France and he’s done himself proud.
Rick Ruben, if you’re reading this - do the guy a favour and put it out on Def Jam.

Peace N Love
Moby Tanner

'Friday Night Rockstar' is out everywhere on December 16th and available for pre-order as a digital, cd & Vinyl album now on bandcamp.

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