Lorde has been "told off" for posting a photo of voting papers on social media.

The New Zealand-based singer-songwriter, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor, took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to urge fans to vote in the upcoming local government elections.

Lorde, who is currently in the U.S., shared a photo of her ballot with a tick alongside Auckland mayoral candidate Efeso Collins' name.

"I'm proud to be voting Efeso Collins for mayor of Auckland," she wrote in the caption. "Local election turnout is low as always - get out there - your community needs you."

However, Lorde returned to the platform a few hours later to delete the post and share a new video in which she revealed she had been "told off" by an election official.

'O.K. so the Electoral Commission told me off because you're not allowed to post anything about who you're gonna vote for or show voting papers," the 25-year-old stated, before adding: "The post still applies - get out there."

And while most rules apply to election day, which takes place on 8 October, the Electoral Commission guidelines state that posting an image of a completed voting paper online "could breach the election day rules, because the Electoral Act prohibits publishing a statement on election day that is likely to influence how another voter should vote".