Example and Erin McNaught have broken up after an "amazing" 11 years together.

On Tuesday, the English musician - real name Elliot Gleave - and the Australian model announced via Instagram that they have decided to part ways.

"We have had an amazing 11 years together, but just a few too many adventures. Obviously, we spent a lot of time behind the scenes trying to figure things out, but we came to the realisation that perhaps our time as a couple had just come to a natural end," they wrote. "So we have decided to go our separate ways whilst there is still an abundance of love and respect for one another."

Example and Erin noted that they are "happily and effectively" co-parenting their young sons Evander and Ennio.

"We have had incredible support from our closest friends and family, who are proud of how are handling this separation," the pair continued.

Elsewhere in the post, Example and Erin emphasised that they need "space right now".

"Expect to see us out and about together with our children often. This is as amicable as it gets. Nobody is blaming anyone in all this. We are very happy that this is the right decision and hope that others can respect this too. Everything is as it should be," they added.

Example and Erin met in 2011 and wed two years later.