On Smallzy's Surgery, we chat with artist Meghan Trainor in an Aussie exclusive. Meghan talks about being a mum and reveals she is trying to get pregnant again, as she heads to Australia to film Australian Idol which was just announced. She also opens up about Covid “breaking” her confidence and her struggle with self-love, saying her therapist made her stare at herself naked in the mirror to build her self-confidence.

SMALLZY Now the greatest news. Congratulations on your foray into Australian TV. Australian Idol. which means you are literally like days away from touching down in Australia.

MEGHAN Australian Idol, here I come. Yep, moving in.

SMALLZY Do you have any judging experience?

MEGHAN Yes, I've done The Voice UK and I've done clash with the cover bands in America and I've done Top Chef, I’m a pro at this. I’ve done the four with Diddy and Khalid, American show.

SMALLZY What's your judging style slash criteria? Are you cruel but kind, are you supportive? Are you tell them whatever they need to hear to get them up?

MEGHAN I like that one. I'm like the bestie that'll keep it real with you. And I'm rooting for all of you. You know, like, I'm like, here's what you have to do to get on to the next level. Because I know, I was way too scared to do any competition shows coming up like people were like, You should do The Voice. No, I'm too scared. So the fact that they're already there, I'm like, You are way braver than I have ever and will ever be. Yeah. So I try to remind them like you're already you're already a winner. Like you made it on the show.

SMALLZY Now I don't I don't know how much you know about the show. Is it rolling out like American Idol like is there teams is there… You don't know. I don't know.

MEGHAN I don't know what I’m walking into. All I know is I'm bringing my entire family and the baby.

SMALLZY How long are you going to be in Australia for?

MEGHAN We’re there for like a whole month of October. And then we come back February and March. And I'm trying to get pregnant all at the same time. Okay, so hopefully on the second half, you'll see a tumtum. You’ll see a belly.

SMALLZY You want to have two?

MEGHAN I want four. I’m banking on twins this round. I want a farm.

SMALLZY Okay. Good on you. I mean, is everyone supportive of this fight? I feel like the team would be like, we're about to drop a record we need to tour, let’s not get pregnant.

MEGHAN No, you would think. But they're like, Well, they did ask me the other day. They're like, do you want to have a Christmas tour or are you just going baby? I’m like I’m going baby.


SMALLZY How is a… we'll start with, we're going to get to pop star life in a second. How's Mum life?

MEGHAN Mom life is the best. It's great. Mom guilt is also very real so that’s tough.

SMALLZY It is a thing right.

MEGHAN Like when you’re like ‘how’s Mum life?’ I’m like wish I was with him, you know.

SMALLZY I have uncle guilt.

MEGHAN You do right?

SMALLZY Actually, not really. I just said that to make you feel like you weren't alone. I said my niece and nephew and I was about a couple of hours ago. That's enough, you can have them back now.

MEGHAN Thanks so much. That’s like a taste of what it’s like to have a child.


SMALLZY But new music.

MEGHAN New music, new baby.

SMALLZY October 21, Takin’ It Back. Talk to me about it.

MEGHAN Yep we’re taking it back to the du wap-ness. You know, off that first album title. Yeah, I call this one title 2.0. It's called Takin it Back because I started on mountains with a T for trainor representing my family. And I want to take it back to that sound that we did on the first album because when I started writing this, my songwriting friend was like, Yo, I heard people want to come in the studio and say, I want that Meghan Trainor sound and I was like, What are you talking about? The doowap? And they're like, Yeah, I was like, that's easy. Let's do that. I did that in my sleep. And then Tik Tok blew up my song title for my first album. And so I was like, alright, the universe is speaking. Let's do it

SMALLZY Wow. Does that blow you away? I mean, actually, as an artist, I don't know whether or not you've made it makes you feel like you. Like you've been around for so long that like artists and are referencing your work. I want to do that Meghan Trainor sound.

MEGHAN Yeah, but also I was like, jealous. I was like, Wait, should I do that? Yeah, no, it's in it's like a huge honor. And it makes me I'm like, they still know who I am. You know?

SMALLZY Oh, yeah, everyone does.

MEGHAN I think COVID really broke my confidence in my career too like, I write it in my lyrics. Like, I forgot all the good I've ever done before and I have to remind myself

SMALLZY know, I don't think you're alone day. Right. I think it broke everybody's confidence. At least mine. I don't know if you can relate to this. But like there was sometimes you do a radio show. And you like is anyone listening? Is anyone actually there? Will it ever come back? Yeah, I think it's the will it ever come back.

MEGHAN Literally. Yeah, will that ever happen again.

SMALLZY Is it ever gonna go back to what I call the good old days literally like and the good old days were like, you know 18 months ago is like will it ever go back there?

MEGHAN Yeah, that really messes up your mind. And what helps a lot is TikTok. I recommend TikTok for all.

SMALLZY How many hours do you lose to the day on TikTok?

MEGHAN Oh, I'm in the shower on TikTok. Yeah, not posting what I'm doing in the shower. But like scrolling. Like, I'll take a dry knuckle and go scroll, double tap.


SMALLZY Before you go. Made You Look, it's coming out with the album. New song. Do you want to talk me through, 411? Tell me everything about the song.

MEGHAN I wrote it in the shower. It's another self love confidence track.

SMALLZY When you say you wrote it in the shower


SMALLZY With a pen and paper or just?

MEGHAN No, dancing. I can have my Gucci on. You know, and it was the whole point of like, I could spend all my money and my budget on these outfits and like, try to be the pop star. Like people have told me you should buy some Gucci and then tell paparazzi where you're gonna be and then take pictures and I'm like that sounds exhausting.

SMALLZY Because they do that right?

MEGHAN Yeah. I'm like, This is not for me. So I'm like, but even with nothing on. I bet I still made you look, you know.

SMALLZY I like that, that’s powerful. I feel like a lot of Instagram influencers need to hear that.

MEGHAN They do. Also, my therapist had me stand in the mirror for five minutes just looking at my naked body to work on my self confidence. And the first time I was like, shaking, and then the second or third time I was like, this ain't that bad. Like look at my thighs and look good, you know? Yeah, that's also in the song of like, even when nothing on I'm still hot.

SMALLZY Good on you.

MEGHAN Thanks, mate.

SMALLZY The therapist wasn’t with you, like on speakerphone or something?

MEGHAN No no, it was homework. No my therapist was like stand up, haha no.

SMALLZY No, that's empowering. I'm guessing there will always still be moments where self doubt creeps in.

MEGHAN Oh yeah, yeah I had a C section so I got the scar with the stretch marks across it and that was like a whole new game I had to learn to love. But we're working on it.