Norway-based indie-rock artist Tuvaband is a critically-acclaimed artist with an impressive international profile that, to date, has earned 40 million cumulative streams on Spotify. Tuvaband is the wildly eclectic brainchild of fearless songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. Tuva previously earned a Norwegian Grammy nomination.

Her song “Irreversible” was remixed by beloved dub icon Lee "Scratch" Perry. Tuva’s intrepid artistry has garnered favorable comparisons to Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, David Lynch, and CocoRosie. Her songwriting exudes an indie-pop mystique, easing through delicate, piano-led folk, softly-soaring post-rock, and carefully-crafted sound design. Floating over these carefully-composed songs and densely textured soundscapes are Tuva’s fluttery vocals which manage to be both visceral and vulnerable.

On the verge of releasing her album ‘New Orders’ in October, Tuvaband shares the latest instalment from her project, ‘Something Good’. Her unique and now synonymous indie folk pop exploration is ever present in this soft, piano led ballad that crescendos into a euphoric, yet eery offering that sparks so much intrigue. This is the beautiful thing about Tuva’s writing, in where she can create a dream-like atmosphere with just her vocals and piano playing, before it transcends into another sphere entirely.

‘Something Good’ presents a positive mindset and approach from Tuva, repeating ‘I do believe that something good is gonna happen’ throughout that sets a hugely catchy tone for listeners to latch onto, whereas the instrumentation changes and goes in many different sonic directions so seamlessly in the background. In this song and the rest of the album, Tuvaband records everything herself, including the process of mixing and mastering. This is the first time she has done this, which just adds to her whole offering and makes for a captivating listen by this multifaceted artist who knows no boundaries.

In Kate Bush’s song “Cloudbusting” there is a line that reads, “Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen”. When Tuva was mired in a pandemic she would listen to the song just to hear this one line. So, she built a magical world out of that small sentiment with the sweet, ghostly soul-pop single “Something Good”, and that’s how it was born.

Tuvaband is available for press opportunities. ‘Something Good’ is out September 30th.

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