Nicki Minaj called out YouTube officials on Monday for putting an age restriction on her Likkle Miss Remix music video.

The Starships rapper took to Instagram to reveal that she had received a violation notice from YouTube officials who deemed her video unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18. Due to the restriction, her video would not be visible to under-18s, those using Restricted Mode, or those who were logged out.

Alongside a screenshot of the notice, Nicki accused YouTube bosses of being "in bed" with rival labels.

"Imagine this. They restricted my f**king video but have things a million f**king times worse on their bogus fking platform (sic)," Minaj wrote. "This is what they do to keep you from winning while doing ads for other ppl and posting fake fking stats. Because the same ppl who run YouTube are in bed with a certain record label and mngmnt company (sic)."

In a second post, she added, "This was done to stop us from getting a lot of views in the first 24 hours. The duds at my label allow ppl to use my videos all the time to promote weak s**t but said we can't buy promo for my videos."

She also shared a screengrab of a comment she wrote on YouTube underneath her video. Her post reads, "WHY TF (the f**k) YALL RESTRICT MY FKING VIDEO?!?!!"

Nicki deleted her posts after YouTube officials lifted the age restriction on the video.

Responding to a fan who celebrated the removal on Monday, Nicki tweeted, "F**K THEM DUDS. THEY CANT GIVE US BACK OUR FIRST 24 HOURS CAN THEY?!?!!! SO MISSION ACCOMPLISHED."

The Likkle Miss Remix video, which was released on Sunday, stars Nicki and her collaborator Skeng and depicts dancers twerking and performing sexually suggestive moves.