This morning on Fitzy & Wippa, we chat with Luke and Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke tells us how he proposed to his partner during the pandemic and spills on his plans for the wedding and bucks party. Plus the boys ask us to hook them up with Peking Duk over in LA.


WIPPA And Luke you've always you've always struggled with relationships, have you found anyone special yet Luke?

5SOS Yeah I got engaged in the pandemic.

WIPPA Yay! Yeah it’s on the sheet here in front of me, I just wanted you to say it. Luke what does that mean? I mean, when's the wedding? What are the plans? What does it look like?

LUKE 5SOS Well, I honestly all of my brain power went on the proposal and all of that organization to keep that a secret so I gotta take a second and you know gather some brain cells, figure it out I'm not very good at making plans but hoping the next couple years we'll get it done.

ASHTON I think for, is it called a bucks still? We're hitting the Gold Coast.

FITZY Shooters, Cocktail and dreams, Melbas, you hitting kava lav?

LUKE I’m gonna fully experienced it for the first time I've heard I've heard nothing but legend

FITZY Ashton do you want us to help you with that organization?

ASHTON yeah, that's kind of what I'm putting out there.

WIPPA Oh sure sure we can do that.

FITZY WE would love to help.

WIPPA Luke, can you share or is it private the proposal where were you and what happened?

LUKE It was one of those things where it was her birthday so I had to, she's very smart girl. So I had to figure out a way to keep it a secret so then on her birthday. And we're in this nice, nice house and it was you know a beautiful view… hills. And then after surprised her with all our friends so lucky she said yes. Because all the friends were there


FITZY Has the party LA life sort of settled down a little bit for your boys now? Or do you still…

5SOS It’s increased thirty fold.

FITZY Do you still go out every now and then do events or parties or?

5SOS Oh man, I tell you what my phone is like a ghost town with…

WIPPA The Peking duck boys. I mean, they still have stories and they're still doing a bit of that party scene over there, aren't they?

FITZY Yeah, well I think one of them, Adam’s living over in LA now as well.

5SOS You got to put a good word for me and to Adam if you can. That'd be great.

5SOS Yeah, we don't we don't know what we're doing anymore. We're out of the party scene. So if they, you know, know what's going on. That'd be great.