GAYLE has cancelled her 19-date North American tour so she can learn "how to be an adult".

The 'abcdefu' hitmaker was due to kick off the 'Avoiding College' run on October 8 in Oklahoma, however, she has offered refunds to those with tickets as she doesn't feel she is mentally prepared for what a full tour entails.

The 18-year-old pop star is still set to appear at a number of festivals.

In a statement on her Instagram Story, she said: “Hey everyone, I am cancelling my tour that starts next month. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets. It really does mean the world to me. You’ll get a refund and I hope to see you at these shows next year.”

“im learning how to be an adult and how best to do this new life."

And she teased she's got new music in the pipeline.

GAYLE added: “I love it so much and I’m trying to do it the best way I can. I’ll still be playing the festivals and working on new music.”

The American star has previously received support from fellow teenage pop star Olivia Rodrigo, 19.

She said last year: “Olivia [Rodrigo] DM’d me, which is crazy – I thought it was a fan account at first! She sent a super sweet message, where she was like, ‘Congrats on your success, girl. You’re killing it.’

“It meant a lot to me because we are both young women making pop music, so we are going to get compared a lot. On social media, people like to pit artists against each other, so it is really great to share these moments with other artists. It’s almost like saying, ‘Hey, I’m successful, and I’m acknowledging the fact that you’re successful too’. We can both be in this space without having to compete against each other or bring each other down.”

GAYLE's tour cancellation comes after a number of artists have postponed tours recently due to their mental health, including Sam Fender and Shawn Mendes.