Anne-Marie and Aitch have dropped their fan-favourite duet ‘Psycho’.

The '2002' hitmaker and the Mancunian rap star have dropped the revengeful anthem about pop star Anne-Marie's cheating ex.

The pair star in the accompanying music video, which goes live on YouTube at 2pm BST, dipping their toe into acting.

The plot is as follows: "A tale of sisterhood as it follows main protagonist, Anne-Marie, as she helps a swarm of women seek revenge on the same deceitful man (played by Aitch), sabotaging their respective dates one by one."

Anne-Marie said: “This song was inspired by personal experience. I was once in a situation where the guy I was seeing was gaslighting me when I suspected he was cheating on me, which he was (total mug)! It wasn’t ok and I called him out. This one’s for everyone out there who’s been in the same situation.”

Anne-Marie has been hard at work in the studio and recently teamed up with K-Pop group Seventeen on the track ‘WORLD’ and Diljit Dosanjh on ‘Peaches’.

As for Aitch, he just scored a Top 3 with his debut album Close to Home'.

The 22-year-old star recently admitted his sudden rise to stardom is surreal as he went from writing raps on his phone to getting the approval of AJ and Stormzy.

He said: “I actually don’t even know how it happened.

“I used to write rhymes on my phone. I must’ve had a hidden talent and it was just a matter of time before I found it. Then it all happened and getting approval off the likes of Stormzy and AJ Tracey shows I am good now.

“That was one of the most important things, to get approval from people you’ve grown up on.”

'Psycho is out on all major streaming platforms now.