Kelly Clarkson has addressed comparisons between hers and Jennifer Hudson’s new talk show.

In a new interview with Variety the singer, who hosts The Kelly Clarkson Show, was asked about potential competition in the daytime talk show sector as Jennifer Hudson and Sherri Shepherd prepare to launch their own offerings.

“I am so excited for Sherri Shepherd. I’m so stoked for her,” Kelly said. “She’s one of my favourite guests. Literally, I pole-danced with her on my show.

“And I’m so excited for Jennifer Hudson… Who would have thought two girls from Idol would be doing this type of thing?”

The singer and TV star, who like Jennifer first found fame on American Idol, pushed back on implications of competition.

“There’s room for everyone. I just wanted to say that, because I don’t like how people pit us against each other,” she stated. “I want to be sure that everyone knows that we are supportive of each other. We are all so different, and daytime is an amazing platform for all of us to bring something positive into the world.”

Kelly is is set to take over Ellen DeGeneres’s time slot after her long-running series The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended in May.

“I remember Oprah had that spot forever. And then Ellen came in," Kelly recalled. “And I think what’s helpful for me is that those two women are very different - how they did their shows was very different, how they connected with people was different, their humour was different. One was a comedian, one was a journalist, and both were successful.”

She concluded that: “To fill that slot doesn’t mean you have to do one thing.”