Garth Brooks says fans sharing their personal stories about his songs with him gives him a better feeling than winning a Grammy.

The country music megastar - who, in 2012, surpassed The Beatles as the top-selling act of the past 20 years - is a two-time Grammy Award winner but he insists nothing can beat the thrill of fans telling him they've played his music at significant moments in their lives.

He told RSVP Country magazine: "Yeah, a Grammy is cool but then you are shopping with your wife and this guy comes up to you, starts talking to you and then all of a sudden his eyes start to water up because he played 'The Dance' at his son's funeral.

"As much as you don't want to hear that that happened, the fact that you had something to do with what was chosen for that moment ... remember that I am a fan too and I want to tell James Taylor what he means to me and if people think of me the way I think of him then holy cow, that is the greatest compliment you can give somebody."

Garth is returning to play Dublin's famous Croke Park stadium for three nights in September, 25 years after last played the Irish venue in 1997.