Normani has fiercely responded to claims that she lost the “motivation” to keep making music.

In a Twitter post, the Fair singer replied to fans who questioned her work ethic.

The original user’s tweet, which has since been listed as private, read, “No idea where Normani’s motivation (no pun intended) has gone but I just don’t see the same passion from her as I used to,” referencing the artist’s debut 2019 hit Motivation.

It continued, “Before y’all start, it’s not depression so don’t even go THERE!”

Another user replied to the tweet, “What happens when you’ve gotten comfortable and you’re not HUNGRY anymore.”

Quote-tweeting the reply, Normani simply wrote, “Just shut the f**k up.”

Hours later, the Fifth Harmony singer responded to another user, who reacted to the first interaction by writing, “It’s so interesting that people that have no clue what it’s like to be in the music industry & the complexities that can come with that, but will dish out unwanted & rude opinions all the time smh.”

The 26-year-old quoted the user’s tweet, writing atop it, “on top of real life s**t going on in my personal life.”

After releasing Motivation in 2019, Normani dropped single Wild Side featuring Cardi B in 2021 and Fair in March this year. She also featured on Megan Thee Stallion’s Diamonds and Calvin Harris’ New to You.

The musician is yet to set a release date for her debut album, though she asserted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December that she was “almost done” with it.