Jewel's tour bus caught fire in a hotel parking lot.

The 48-year-old singer and her entourage were not in the vehicle when it burst into flames so she was relieved to say no one had been hurt as she thanked the fire department for their swift action.

She revealed in a TikTok video: "We had a full bus fire. Nobody was hurt, it happened on an off-day.

"The fire department came, everybody is safe."

She also wrote in the corner of her post: "Thank you fire fighters and department!!!"

The 'Foolish Games' singer - who is currently on tour with Train, Blues Traveler, Thunderstorm Artis and Will Anderson - praised the bus driver for managing to save a vintage guitar and amp from inside the bus.

She explained: "The front desk saw the fire and called our bus driver and the fire dept.

"Our bus driver is a hero for saving the vintage gear!

"All's well that ends well. But how 'bout this b*******."

Jewel recently spoke about the early days of her career and while the "whole world" knew she lived in her car when she signed her first major record deal with Atlantic Records in the 1990s, she didn't think they realised the reason she did so was because she was being blackmailed by her "boss".

She said: "The whole world knows I lived in my car. They think because I was fighting for my dream of music. That is an absolute misrepresentation of what happened.

"I was living in my car because I wouldn't have sex with my boss. I refused to be leveraged and he wouldn't give me my paycheque and I couldn't pay my rent and I started living in my car and then my car got stolen and I was homeless because of that, because I wouldn't bang a boss."

The 'Hands' hitmaker claimed she told interviewers about her alleged experiences early in her career but they didn't pay attention.

She added: "It was almost like people didn't even have the ears to hear it. They would just write the story, 'Jewel lived in her car to pursue her music career.'"