Saweetie stopped checking social media when she felt her brain had become "programmed" to check her phone.

In an interview with Kevin Hart for his Hart to Heart series, the Icy Grl hitmaker revealed that she decided to cut back on her screen time during a recent period of "self-reflection".

"I don't check social media like that no more. If you live for the Internet, if you live for social media, you'll die by social media. That's why I stopped checking for stuff," she said. "As someone who checked her phone each day, I caught myself a lot. (I wasn't) conscious of going to Instagram or Twitter or social media networks. I wouldn't even be thinking... (and) I would end up there. That's how much my body was programmed."

But while Instagram isn't a big focus for Saweetie at the moment, she has serious plans when it comes to venturing into the wider media space.

"My goal is to become a media company. I feel like being a musician is the foundation and I've been able to create a strong fanbase from that," the 29-year-old continued. "But the next step up is becoming a media company. I love business. I believe that songs are a form of service and business is a form of service, I like them both. To house all the brands and businesses I create."