For the latest episode of Everything Is Emo, Hayley Williams talks about her love affair with UK music, puts Silent Alarm by Bloc Party on shuffle and reveals they are the main inspiration behind Paramore’s long awaited new material. Hayley also discovers she has British ancestry and shares her huge admiration for the band Foals.

This week’s playlist features tracks from Wolf Alice, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975 while Hayley reminisces about how she discovered The Smiths, hearing Embrace for the first time this year and her favourite cover performed by Paramore in the Live Lounge, Love’s Not A Competition (But I’m Winning) by Kaiser Chiefs.

HAYLEY: We started working on writing new material as a band over the last year and a half and I just want to say it, like I don’t even feel like it really gives away very much. Bloc Party, from day one, talking about making music again, you know the three of us – Zac, Taylor and I – for Paramore, Bloc Party was the number one reference because there was such an urgency to their sound that was different to the fast punk or the pop punk or the like, loud wall of sound emo bands that were happening in the early 2000s. They had their own thing and it was so unique and so dynamic, and it really stuck with us. And I’m really really thankful for this band, I’m so thankful that they’re back, they’re playing shows they’re putting out great songs, and it just makes me feel even more excited to get back out into the world, and maybe cross paths with the band that has been a huge part of our story from day one.


HAYLEY: Taylor was really really obsessed with a couple of (Foals) albums, but the first time I heard My Number I just thought it’s just a no brainer. But I also really respect this band’s journey and how they continue to evolve. I think it takes a lot of guts too. I just think of every time we’ve gone home between albums and we’ve been getting ready to write a new album or let’s say we have an album in the can, but we have not yet really presented it to the world with photos and new imagery, and music videos and all of that good stuff. It’s a really scary feeling and it can be quite nerve racking to present yourself in a new way and to essentially grow, in front of the world. So anytime a band remerges with a new picture, there’s a new frame of mind, a new frame of reference, maybe they’re donning new influences and kind of showing off other sides of themselves. I just think it’s courageous and cool, and I’m really enjoying their evolution so, that’s Foals you know?


HAYLEY: I have to tell you guys something! Recently I’ve been digging into my ancestry and I took a DNA test and so much British. You are my people. Here is what I have found; we’re talking Greater London, we’re talking Greater Manchester, we’re talking Tyne and Wear, we’re talking Glasgow, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, West Midlands, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Cumbria… When are we having tea? Let your folks know, I’ll be there.

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