Drake has responded to the backlash over the short flights he allegedly takes in his private jet.

The Hotline Bling rapper has come under fire on social media for appearing to repeatedly take a 14-18 minute journey in his private jet between Hamilton and his hometown of Toronto, which are 61 kilometres (38 miles) apart by air.

The automated Twitter account @CelebJets, which tracks celebrity trips using flight data, brought attention to the hip-hop star's short journeys. According to its posts, Drake took the Hamilton to Toronto trip on 22 July, with the flight lasting just 14 minutes.

His jet made the same flight, which lasted 18 minutes, on 12 July as well as the same 14-minute flight on 28 June and a 16-minute trip on 17 June. Each of the flights is rumoured to have emitted five tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Drake has now responded to the criticism, insisting that he isn't on the plane when it makes these brief flights.

"This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics," he wrote in the comments underneath a post about the controversy on the Real Toronto Newz Instagram account. "Nobody takes that flight."

The Canadian star isn't the only celebrity who has come under fire for short private jet trips. Kylie Jenner has also been criticised for reportedly taking a 17-minute flight between Van Nuys and Camarillo in California, while boxer Floyd Mayweather reportedly took a 10-minute flight between Las Vegas and the nearby city, Henderson, in Nevada recently.