Bobby Shmurda announces his first EP since being released from prison.

The 27-year-old rapper will drop ‘BodBoy’ on August 5 through his own label, GS9 - a partnership with music company OneRPM - after he shared the first track, ‘Hoochie Daddy’, making the nine song offering his first array of new music since he was freed from prison in February 2021 after facing charges of conspiracy to murder and weapons possession.

Prior to this EP, Bobby featured on a remix of ‘Tata’, alongside Eladio Carrion, J Balvin and Daddy Yankee and dropped a number of other singles, including ‘Splash’, and ‘Cartier Lens’.

Earlier this month, the ‘Shmoney’ rapper spoke about his decision to go “independent” with his music career again after opting to leave Epic Records.

Bobby said: “It’s the first time, yeah. I haven’t been independent since 2014, since I signed the [Epic] deal. I just got out of it three months ago. That s*** feels good, just being free to be able to do whatever you want to do. Because I’m the type of guy, once I can’t do whatever I want to do, that’s not me. That’s where they take the you from you.”

He also admitted he didn’t know if the “craziest” part of being incarcerated was “the riots or the sex on the visits”.

Bobby said: “I don’t know if it’s the riots or the sex on the visits. I got oral sex, didn’t get sex sex. I’m too big to be doing all that other s***, ya understand?”

The ‘No Time for Sleep (Freestyle)’ hitmaker claimed that he would get caught but often the prison authorities “wouldn’t care” about the shenanigans.

Bobby said: “I mean, sometimes. Some of them wouldn’t care, they’d be like [shrugs]. Some would be like [in deep voice], ‘Ackquille Pollard! Chill, hold it down, son! What the f*** you doing?! This girl right here, both of y’all get the f*** out!’”