Drake has seemingly confirmed he had an encounter with the police in Sweden last week.

The Hotline Bling rapper and the words "Free Drake" trended on Twitter on Thursday last week after rumours started swirling on social media that he had been arrested by local police in a nightclub in Stockholm. His representatives were quick to dispel the speculation and told The Hollywood Reporter that the rumours were untrue.

However, on Sunday, Drake seemed to confirm he had an encounter with Swedish police when he uploaded a series of pictures from his recent trip to Europe on Instagram.

One photo shows a folded piece of A4 paper with the word "Polisen", the Swedish word for police, on the letterhead followed by the title: "Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained."

The document, which Drake had seemingly been given by the Swedish authorities, explains his rights as a suspect or detainee and what happens next in the process. The printed hand-out informs him that he has a right to know what he is suspected of and why he is being detained and explains that he can demand his home country's consulate be notified of his detainment if he wishes.

The God's Plan star did not clarify any details regarding his purported detainment in Sweden.

It was reported last week that he had been arrested for marijuana possession in a nightclub, but this has not been confirmed.

A spokesperson for the Swedish police declined to divulge much information with The Daily Beast last week, however, they confirmed he was "not in custody".