Tyler the Creator has accused some of his old collaborators of selling his music.

The 31-year-old rapper and producer took to Twitter to claim that two former colleagues had stolen his music and were selling it on Discord without his permission.

He alleged: "b deshay and tyler major selling old songs of mine is wild ha, all them discordd kids are sus especially 3D glass pacifist whatever the hell he called, copping stolen s*** is like damnnnn u thirsty as hell ok

"like bruh that shit is true personal stolen stuff and n***** is like gb gb like damn bro you that thirsty for 2 minute drafts / few hundred bucks get it together fellas. subliminal tried to get on a call like no bro, just stop, its not cool dawggy (sic)."

Meanwhile, Tyler recently praised Kendrick Lamar for his fifth album 'Mr. Morale The Big Steppers'.

He said: "N****s don’t know how to give each other hugs and I hope we get past that. We will, though. The younger kids is like, ‘What’s up, bro? You good?’ We gotta cut the b******* and just start being super open and honest.”

"And that’s what Kendrick just did with his new album… I love that album, but I feel like he touches on s*** that’s so, like, open and honest that some people can’t listen to it because they probably feel like he’s looking at them in their eyes and they’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t panic. Uhhh, I can’t listen to this. Put on something else so I can hit my dougie’. And keep forgetting and numbing the s*** that he’s talking about.

“Not saying the people that’s doing that went through what [Kendrick’s] saying, but it’s making them think about the s*** that they’re covering up with that f******, ‘I’m hard, I shoot people’ s***. I see it, I see through it."