Example says ice baths and meditation make him feel "younger and hungrier".

The 'Kickstarts' rapper admits he used to laugh at people who believed in "energies and spirituality", however, he's since been on his own wellness journey and he credits everything going well in his life to the "law of attraction" and putting good energy into the world.

In an interview with CULTR, the 40-year-old star - whose real name is Elliot Gleave - said: "I didn’t believe in energies and spirituality, and I kinda thought all of that was all a load of mumbo jumbo, I’d be like… Don’t talk to me about star signs you f****** idiot, I suppose you believe in ghosts too?! But now, I believe in the law of attraction and good things happening to good people, dependant on the energy you put out in the world, and now, all things are working well in every area of my life!"

Example had a chat with music legend Goldie, 56, about his spiritual journey, and while he's not got the "patience" for yoga like the drum and bass icon, the 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' hitmaker makes sure to stretch "at least five times a week".

He also does a mixture of "hot and cold treatments" that bring him "clarity", and when he's on the road, Example makes sure he has a "massage gun and compression shocks" with him.

Example - who released his eighth studio album 'We May Grow Old But We Never Grow Up' last month - added: "Funny enough… The first person I spoke to about this all is Goldie. He’s lived most people’s lives in the first 20 years of his, he’s literally done everything. But he reckons yoga saved his life. I didn’t quite have the patience for it like he did, but now I stretch at least five times a week and I use saunas and ice baths a lot. I just turn the lights off and listen to quiet music and sort of meditate. You wake up the next day feeling younger and hungrier, and just the amount of clarity you get from those hot and cold treatments is incredible! Like, Brixton, at the tail end of my last tour, my legs were so bad I almost couldn’t do it, I’d been performing every few days, I could hardly walk but someone came to work on my legs for about an hour before I went on stage. When you’re in your 20s, you think you’re indestructible, I was wearing the wrong shoes and not getting the right amount of rest. But now, I’m more conscious of looking after myself. I have a massage gun and compression socks and all this stuff, because it really takes it out of you!”