Keith Urban finds ways to balance his work life as a touring country star and his family life with wife Nicole Kidman and their two daughters.

From July, Keith and his crew will be taking their The Speed Of Now World Tour all over the U.S., playing right up until Christmas time.

The New Zealand-born Australian musician will be joined some of the time by wife Nicole and their girls Sunday, 13, and 11-year-old Faith, but he revealed family time can prove difficult when he's in work mode.

"It depends where we are and how much time we've got," he said to Extra TV when asked what the family like to do when they tour with him. "And it's tricky because I'm not in vacation mode, I'm in work mode, even though we're in a vacation setting. So I have to balance those two different worlds."

Nicole and Keith own properties all over the world, but spend most of their time at their family home in Nashville.

During the chat, the 54-year-old was also quizzed on what items he needs on the road with him when he's touring.

"My guitar, at least one," he smiled. "Coffee, and all the stuff... I like grinding beans and making my own coffee in the morning."