Janet Jackson was concerned about her mother Katherine Jackson's reaction to her documentary but she "loved every minute" of it.

The Rhythm Nation singer, who released her four-part documentary series Janet Jackson in January, admitted to Essence magazine that she was nervous about disappointing the Jackson family matriarch by including candid revelations and footage she might disapprove of.

"It was important for me to do it, because I had the opportunity to tell my story and not have someone tell it for me. I know I got it right," Janet explained. "I was being completely honest - but still, even in that honesty, my mother could have called and said, 'Oh, baby, I didn't like this part.' And that was the nervous part, because you never want to disappoint, you know?"

However, the Together Again singer didn't need to worry as the 92-year-old had nothing but positive feedback about the documentary.

"And when she called? Ooooh. She said, 'Baby, I saw your documentary. I loved every minute of it.' That was everything for me, right there," Janet recalled.

The R&B star added that making the show helped her understand certain aspects about herself.

"I realised certain patterns I had in my personal life, in my career. Certain things I never thought about. Five years is a good amount of time to have someone follow you around like that," she stated.