Britney Spears' lawyer Mathew Rosengart has accused her father Jamie Spears of trying to "intimidate" his daughter by asking her to sit for a "revenge deposition".

Rosengart filed a motion to compel Jamie to sit for a deposition, in which he must answer questions under oath about his conduct as Britney's conservator, in late May. He accused Jamie's legal team of using "stonewalling and obfuscation" tactics to dodge his attempts to hold a deposition.

Jamie's legal team responded this month by accusing Britney of dodging their deposition requests as they want to question her under oath about the "inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims" she has made against him on social media.

In the latest filing at Los Angeles Superior Court, Rosengart has accused Jamie of seeking "revenge" on Britney via a "sham deposition".

"He now, with no legitimate, good-faith basis, seeks to take a sham deposition of his daughter, all in an effort to upset and intimidate her," he wrote in the complaint, reports Variety.

Calling Jamie "shameless" and the deposition request "a particularly low blow, even for him", Rosengart stated that he "refuses to simply go away, as he should and as any decent man or father would do."

He continued, "Instead, he chose to run up legal fees, abuse the system, and begin a battle he cannot win - all for improper purposes, while futilely trying to rehabilitate his reputation, which he himself long ago irreparably destroyed."

Rosengart wants Jamie to sit for a deposition as part of his investigation into his alleged "abusive" conduct as Britney's conservator. They are also fighting his request to have Britney pay his legal fees.

The attorney has asked the court to deny Jamie's request for what he calls a "revenge deposition" of the Toxic singer. The next hearing on the issue will be held on 13 July.

Jamie was suspended as Britney's conservator in September last year, shortly before it was terminated altogether after 13 years in November.