Luke Combs has admitted his upcoming tour is "going to cost (him) a lot" after he decided against raising the price of tickets to his shows.

The country singer announced his Middle of Somewhere Tour in April and revealed that he was keeping the tickets at pre-pandemic prices, despite the rising costs of putting on a show.

Addressing his decision in an interview with Billboard, Combs explained that he wanted to take on the financial burden of touring so his fans didn't have to.

"It's going to cost me a lot, but all I wanted to do is make a living doing music," he said. "And I make enough money to not have to worry about anything and be really comfortable, so I never wanna get greedy.

"It's more competitive out there than it's ever been, so it's two-fold for me. I get to go, 'Hey fans, I love you. I'm not going to gouge you,' and it's about a full room, it's not about making money. I didn't get into it to be Jeff Bezos and be the richest guy in the world."

According to Taste of Country, when he announced his tour, Combs told his fans in an online video, "I know that the price of everything has been going up these last couple of years. And there's nothing I can do about that, but the one thing that I could do is set the price of my tickets... So what I wanted to do was keep the ticket prices the same as they were before the pandemic. So these tickets will be priced just as they were the last time you bought tickets."

The Middle of Somewhere Tour kicks off in September.