Ahead of their set at the Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday Serge from Kasabian dropped in to see Dave Berry on the Absolute Radio Breakfast show.

The pair chatted about the bands upcoming album and the joy of having live music back both on the performing and the social side, with Serge revealing that the band have always travelled with a huge sound system, just to make their mark.

“We have always travelled with this, well we made a huge sound system, like Notting Hill Carnival big, insane bass. We first made it, I will be honest with you, we made it to sort of when we arrive at a festival we wanted to make our mark, you know basically do everyone’s head in. We made it so loud that when we turned up, we turned it up as loud as we could, just to let people know we were there and we would put rainforest sounds on, we would mess with people. One time Blink 182’s security knocked on the door and said ‘guys can you turn the music down’ and we were like ‘as if mate, just move out the way, come on let your hair down man’. So that was originally why it was made but then obviously as time went by people were like that’s fun so it ended up with everyone always coming to our dressing room.” Said Serge

You can listen to Serge’s interview on the Dave Berry Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio on Friday morning and highlights from Kasabian’s set at the Isle of Wight Festival on Absolute Radio from 6pm on Saturday.