John Lydon has branded Danny Boyle "disgusting" for dismissing his complaints about Pistol, the director's new Sex Pistols series on Disney+.

Lydon attempted to block the Sex Pistols' back catalogue from being used in the show, but lost a case brought by former bandmates Steve Jones and Paul Cook.

He has since been scathing of the show, but Boyle revealed he is comfortable with the criticism, saying, "I don't want (Lydon) to like it - I want him to attack it".

Hitting back, the punk legend told The Guardian: "Oh, how fey of him! It's disgusting, really. How can you be truthful when you don't involve the main frontman who wrote those songs and had to take the hidings and kickings and public admonishments?"

Challenging its authenticity, the 66-year old adds: "It's karaoke, really. The voices, the way they're talking... it sounds like a bunch of kids from (English town) Tring, all discussing the latest calamities! That ain't it at all! It's so off."

Despite Lydon's protests, Pistol, which is based on Jones' book about the group's rise as punk pioneers, has been critically well received, with Anson Boon's portrayal of Lydon, then known as Johnny Rotten, earning praise.