The stars of BTS have partnered with YouTube for a fan challenge called #MyBTStory.

On Monday, members of the K-pop group asked their followers to share their memories of the boy band from over the past nine years.

"Dear ARMY, for nine years you have been our greatest champions," the singers wrote in a collective statement on the YouTube official blog. "As we embark on the journey to our tenth year as a band, we want to remember and celebrate all the special moments we've had together so far. Beginning this Saturday, we want to ask you to share your BTS stories with us, and each other, on YouTube Shorts."

The initiative officially begins on Friday.

"From our first concert to the world's biggest stages, to video premieres and album releases, you have been there with us and we want to relive these unforgettable BTS moments with you. By adding the hashtag #MyBTStory to your Short, we will be able to watch and possibly include your story in an ARMY tribute video we are making that will feature a collection of these memories," they continued. "ARMY, we love you so much, thank you for sticking by us and we can't wait to see what you create!"

The #MyBTStory challenge launches on the same day as the band's Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) music video and three-disc anthology album Proof.

The initiative will run until 9 July.