Steps are divided over the idea of taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

While Ian 'H' Watkins, Lisa Scott-Lee and Claire Richards would happily represent the UK at the annual music extravaganza, their bandmates Faye Tozer and Lee Latchford-Evans are much more reluctant because they think it could damage their "amazing legacy".

Faye told the Daily Star Sunday columnist Ed Gleave: "We are a split camp within the band.

“H would do it tomorrow. Lisa and Claire would probably want to do it as well. But I am not so much in favour of it.”

Lee added: “It’s a very mixed camp and I agree with Faye.

“We’d like to do it for the experience if all the other bits weren’t there – the nil points, the politics.”

Faye continued: “We’ve got such an amazing legacy behind us, I don’t think it would do us any favours. It’s the whole ‘nil points’ thing."

The 'One For Sorrow' hitmakers were approached about the possibility earlier in their careers but the "specific rules" surrounding taking part ruled them out.

Faye explained: “We were approached in the early days. But there are specific rules – I don’t think you can release music for a certain period of time or chart.

"Luckily for me, we never fitted into that category and couldn’t do it.”

Claire previously admitted the group "could" do Eurovision and it would be an "amazing" experience, but she'd also be worried about coming last.

She said: "I am always the one who goes, 'No, absolutely not!', but then I watch it and think well, we could do it.

"There is always a few texts going back and forwards.

"I honestly think that if you do that show you can't ever go into it expecting to win and we would have to have that attitude.

"We've always been so lucky in everything we've ever done and I think the experience would be amazing.

"It's just that feeling of, we wouldn't want to come last because that would be really bad.

"Nobody wants to come last, do they?"