President Street are “honoured and excited” to be performing in the UK over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The Australian duo flew into London last month and are joining Roachford on tour from Friday (03.06.22), which they think is the ideal time because the nation is in a party mood thanks to the celebrations planned to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 70s years on the throne.

Singer Ruby exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “British fans are so warm and welcoming so to kick off on the Queen’s platinum jubilee weekend we’ve been told it will absolutely go off with everyone in the festive spirits!

“We can definitely feel the buzz around us at this time and can’t wait to get in stage with Roachford!

“We can feel the pride of the nation overflowing and the atmosphere at the moment is intoxicating!

“We’re so honoured and excited to be here at this triply special time - Jubilee, Roachford AND summer.

“We can’t wait to put on the best live show together with Roachford this Jubilee weekend and for the rest of the tour

“It’s summer in England, it’s post COVID times, it’s the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend celebration, it’s the legendary Roachford, and it’s your favourite neighbours from President Street in Australia - what more could we ask for to kick off a fabulous tour!?

“The country has come alive more than we’ve ever experienced before! Absolutely pumped to be here touring.”

The group – who have just released new single ‘Heal’ – were originally meant to join Roachford on the road late last year, but the tour was halted because of rising coronavirus cases, so they couldn’t be happier to be back again.

Ruby said: “We had a taste of touring with Roachford last November in Europe before Omicron cut everything short so it’s amazing to see them and get back on stage with them again on their home turf in British Summer especially!”

Her bandmate Pete added: “It was great to meet the guys [last year], in a way it’s broken the ice for this tour, we know their set up, they know ours. We got on like a house on fire. They’re really great people.”