Easy Life join Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new song "Dear Miss Holloway" (feat. Kevin Abstract). Murray from the group tells Zane how they connected with Kevin Abstract on the track (his first appearance on a track following the conclusion of Brockhampton), how Disney and fairy tales inspired the sound of their forthcoming second album, and more.

Murray From easy life Tells Apple Music About Collaborating with Kevin Abstract on "Dear Miss Holloway"…

It was January this year that we worked on this song. I was out in LA and we connected on Twitter a few times. I just hit him up… bless him man. LA can be a really lonely place. He looked after me and took me to all the best spots. He had my back, he’s a homie. I really appreciated him. I was like hella nervous to meet him, don’t get me wrong. They really did set the benchmark with that. Brockhampton and all those people really sent the benchmark. Those guys are ruthless man...Massive massive fan. It was such an honour to be able to share this track with Kevin, it really was.

Murray from easy life Tells Apple Music About Exploring New Sounds on "Dear Miss Holloway" (feat. Kevin Abstract)….
We’re all about trying to create worlds and each one of our releases has a certain aesthetic sonically. The new album is all kind of this Disney, fairy tale… strings... compressed pianos. We’re always just trying to experiment. It’s all about creating a real identity with each sonic creation. We’re just trying to really paint with the music. It just makes me feel happy man. We were kind of chasing that Disney aesthetic. We were watching loads of Disney. Really pretty and beautiful. I’m terribly afraid. I’m afraid of everything. I'm a nervous wreck but when it comes to making music I do feel the possibilities really are endless. I don't think you need to be bound by genre these days. easy life is all about switching up the sound and our style and our aesthetic as much as we can.