Katy Perry has joked that she has been sent countless country music songs over the course of her career.

The Firework hitmaker started out as a gospel singer in Nashville, Tennessee before pursuing pop music.

During the series finale of American Idol earlier this month, judge Katy performed Where We Started with country singer Thomas Rhett, and in an interview with Extra, she explained that she had waited a long time for the right track to come along.

"I love this song. Thomas Rhett sent it to me... I have been sent a bajillion country songs - some of them have even been massive country songs - and I was like, 'Should I have did it (sic)? No.' This is the one I was meant to start with to cross over into this world," she told the outlet. "The story of this song is really beautiful... It talks about a relationship and where you started and if you ever have doubts about it, look at how far you have come. I feel that so much, even in my own relationship (with Orlando Bloom) - it has been a beautiful journey."

But while Katy enjoyed collaborating with Thomas, she isn't planning on recording a full country album any time soon.

"I might get back a little bit more to my roots with that singer-songwriter side. I spent so much time in Nashville just laying my musical foundation, so I'd love to continue on that path," the 37-year-old added.