Cat Burns joins Elton John's Rocket Hour on Apple Music 1 this weekend to discuss her current No.3 single 'Go and brand-new track 'We're Not Kids Anymore'. Plus, Elton shares his admiration for her music, saying she's "the real deal".

Elton John Tells Cat Burns She Is “The Real Deal”…
Your voice is unreal. You're the real deal. And ever since I first heard you, I thought, "God, she's amazing, this girl." And then I found out more about you and I like you even more.

Cat Burns Tells Elton John About Her Track ‘We’re Not Kids Anymore’….
I had a really close friend when we were about 16, and we did everything together. We were inseparable, and we were convinced that we were going to be best friends for life. And then naturally, just because life happens and relationships and just things happen, we've just drifted apart. And definitely not as close as we once were, and barely speak. And I wanted to make a song that I felt like spoke about friendship, breakups and how sad and sombre they feel. Because I think a lot of songs that we have out right now are all about relationship breakups. And as much as almost everyone can relate to them. There are still a group of people that haven't experienced a relationship yet, and know what a friendship breakup feels like. And I'm wanting to kind of have a song that isn't a bashing or an evil song. It's just kind of a wow, we are just not as close as we once were.

Cat Burns Tells Elton John About Her 2022 Tour Plans…

Cat Burns: I just came off a support tour with Mae Muller. So that was my first set of shows that I've done properly. And even from the first show, we did in Dublin, and then the last show in London, my confidence kind of just shot up massively from just doing that for a week. And then I'm going on tour with Years And Years in a couple of weeks.

Elton: Oh, yeah. Great. Yeah. Olly Alexander and you. You'll be causing a rampage everywhere.

Cat Burns: Yeah. That's what loads of people keep telling me. And then I've got my headline shows at the end of May, and then just loads of festivals, so I'm excited. I think I'm growing slowly.