This week - 22nd May, to be precise – music legend Morrissey will be celebrating his 63rd birthday. It's almost inconceivable to staunch critics that the artist has been able to remain so revered, relevant and respected for so long. In the somewhat fickle world of entertainment, to attain the kind of longevity Morrissey has, is an almost impossible feat. Impossible for some, clearly not for the singer himself, who has been releasing music for four decades and who continues to draw vast crowds in the live arena.

Over recent weeks, the artist has played a series of live shows, including at the Fremont Theatre, (San Luis Obispo, CA), the Orpheum Theatre (Pheonix, AZ) and the Cruel World Fest (Pasadena, CA). “Lyrics of self-discovery rang true with all generations of Moz fans,” one review stated (LA Times), “from the gray-haired goths, to the kids who just bought their first Smiths t-shirt at Hot Topic. His ghostly vibrato captured the crowd until the very end of his one-hour set...” Fans lapped up the energetic performances; his army of devotees pressed against barriers, reaching out to touch the hand of their idol. Audiences were also treated to a track - I Am Veronica - from his much-anticipated upcoming album, Bonfire of Teenagers.

Soon to come is Morrissey's residency at The Colloseum. The British singer will be playing a series of dates throughout July in Las Vegas, where fans are travelling from across the world to see the him live in action.

It would be hard for even his most stubborn opponents to deny Morrissey possesses that extra “something” - that unique charisma and energy that keeps generations of music-lovers queueing at the barriers. Morrissey fills arenas, theatre stages and festival line-ups around the world, even after 40 years in the business. Looking back to those heady days of The Smiths, where his performances on tour drove audiences to scenes reminiscent of Beatle-mania, and throughout his solo career, where many worldwide tours were sold-out, bursting to capacity, it seems safe to say the artist belongs on stage. Then, as he is now in 2022, he remains a vital and magnetic live artist.

As he celebrates his birthday this week, fans might wonder what the rest of this year holds for the much-loved Mancunian. With a completed album ready to go, several live dates under his belt and a Las Vegas residency on the way, it's fair to say Morrissey is still at the top of his game and ready to tackle whatever comes his way in 2022. As his supporters have insisted from the start, Morrissey is truly a timeless artist. His fans have seen the evidence.

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