Maneskin feel they've proved their critics wrong with their recent success.

The Italian rock band - which was formed in 2016 - have enjoyed a meteoric rise since winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 - and the band think their recent success has justified their stubborn approach.

Damiano David, the band's frontman, explained: "Everything started well, and then all of a sudden, people started trying to stop us from doing what we thought was the best thing for us.

"That kind of music with that aesthetic, communicating that way and people weren't agreeing with us. But we kept believing in it and, at the end, they said we were right."

Ethan Torchio, the band's drummer, insisted the group have never deviated from their original plan, despite facing outside pressure and criticism.

Ethan told the BBC: "The people who criticised us in the past days now are struggling. And they're like, 'You're the best rock band ever, you're incredible, you're great.' But you never said that before we were famous, so we don't trust you."

Damiano added: "Where are those people now? don't know. I think they're having tough nights because we made it. I think they have a lot of itches."

Despite this, Damiano has struggled to deal with his new-found fame.

The singer prefers spending time at home but he's now having to adjust to his new reality.

He said: "I think it's hard and every everybody reacts in a different way.

"I struggled a bit because I'm a home guy. and I'm very chilled and I don't really like to stay away from home for too long. But of course you have to deal with it and find some ways to to feel like you're at home, even if you're not. So I learned some tricks that helped me stay focused and healthy."