Miley Cyrus has detailed the complicated process she goes through to communicate with Dolly Parton.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday, host Seth mentioned the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial the popstar starred in alongside her famous godmother earlier this year.

However, Miley pointed out that the gig was rather ironic, as Dolly, 76, rarely uses a phone.

"It was amazing because she was doing it for the phones, yet every time I coordinate and communicate with Dolly it's still through fax. She's rarely on the phone," she explained. "We do use the phone but she does a fax, and then someone scans the fax, and then they put it into a text message and then that gets sent to me. It's always signed.

"She also made me a demo one time where she talks about being super high-tech, but it was all through a cassette, which then she voice-memoed onto a flip phone, which someone then put on to the iPhone, which then got sent to me."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Miley recalled how Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels asked her to perform Dolly's song Light of a Clear Blue Morning at the last minute while she was guest hosting the sketch comedy show in May 2021.

While the popstar was initially a little nervous, she received the country music icon's full support.

"She loves when I introduce my fans to music in a way that's still me. Dolly doesn't want anyone to 'copy-paste'. She doesn't want anyone to just sing her songs. She wants them to infuse themselves into her music," the 29-year-old continued. "I think Dolly is the most loved person on the planet... She has big hair and big boobs and she's left this big mark on the entire world that all of us are just trying to fill her crystallised shoes, which is just never going to happen."