Jack Harlow sought Dua Lipa's blessing before releasing a song titled Dua Lipa.

The American rapper released a track titled Dua Lipa on his new album, Come Home the Kids Miss You.

Appearing on U.S. radio show The Breakfast Club for an interview, 24-year-old Jack said he played the song for the Levitating singer before releasing it.

"I wanted to get her blessing, so I FaceTimed her and played it for her because I didn't want her to be blindsided by that or feel like creeped out or anything," he explained of the process. "If she had said, 'Yo, I hate it. I don't want it to come out,' it wouldn't have come out."

As to what she actually said, Jack reported: "She was like, 'Oh, I mean it's not my song. I suppose it's okay.' She was just kinda thrown off and she just kinda let it go."