Travis Barker has commended Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish for changing what it means to be a pop-punk artist.

During a video interview for Billboard, the Blink-182 drummer discussed a number of rising stars in the music industry, and noted that he has great respect for Olivia and Billie for interpreting their favourite sounds on their own terms.

"I love Olivia's album, I love everything Billie's done. I won't say, 'This is pop-punk.' I'll say, this music that came out like Avril (Lavigne's) Love Sux, Jxdn's Tell Me About Tomorrow, and Machine Gun Kelly's Tickets to My Downfall, were all inspired by pop-punk," he explained. "It doesn't mean it's just pop-punk or has to be categorised like that. You don't have to follow the rules or keep it as sterile as the record label or whatever the rollout plan may be."

Travis went on to insist he will never "outgrow" punk rock music, and is thrilled to be helping the next generation of talent via his DTA Records label.

"I wanted DTA Records to be the label that doesn't drop you the minute it doesn't work, or you throw it against the wall and it doesn't stick and you're just on your own. I don't want the artist to go in and make an album by themselves and not have the help or the guidance," the 46-year-old continued. "Make sure they're making the right decisions, make sure they're smart with their money, make sure they have a family of people around them that are going to help them and take care of them."