Ashley Judd has written a heartfelt tribute to her late mother Naomi Judd on social media.

The singer/actress, who formed the country music duo The Judds with her daughter Wynonna Judd, died at the age of 76 on Saturday. The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame the following day, with both of Naomi's daughters present to honour their late mother.

On Monday night, actress Ashley shared a tribute post on Instagram with photos from the event, captioning the post: "Speechless".

The Double Jeopardy star continued, "Your outpouring is reaching me. Thank you for every thought, prayer, message, text, email, post, expression. We each are alone and we are in fellowship, broken and held, protected from nothing and sustained in everything. It's the beginning of an old story, life and death, loss and life."

She concluded, "Be free, my beautiful mother. Be free."

Her post also included photos of an altar dedicated to Naomi, videos of their family singing hymns, and a throwback photo of Naomi and her daughters.

In a message announcing Naomi's death, Wynonna and Ashley claimed they had lost their mother to "the disease of mental illness". Officials at the Franklin County Sheriff's department are still conducting an investigation into her passing.