London based composer and sound designer Sefi Carmel today releases Let’s Go to The Movies!, a collaborative album with musical contributions from world-renowned musicians. Posthaste Music, known for providing music for television and motion pictures including Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Academy Award winning titles, is distributing the album.

Carmel’s album of 14 tracks is a treasure trove of musical collaboration from world class musicians. Richard Harwood, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s principal cellist, a long-time collaborator with Carmel on film scores, features prominently on the album. Hannah Pedley’s powerful mezzo soprano brings ethereal colour to the album. Gani Tamir’s soulful jazz vocals, Roberto Mannes’s virtuoso violin playing, and California based rapper King Joseph’s vocals bring an array of sonic textures.

The album an exploration of a newly emerging musical form – The Trailer. The tracks feature the sonic syntax and structure one would expect from high octane trailers for blockbuster Hollywood films, or A list games. Ominous drones, huge drums and orchestral strings building to a huge crescendo, juxtaposed with hip hop vocal hooks and ad-libs. The album is designed primarily for the media industry’s most valuable tool, trailers and commercials. However, the album is also being released on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, as a commercial release available for a wider public to enjoy.

True to Carmel’s two decades of sound design and mixing feature films, the album is mixed in Dolby Atmos, for a truly immersive, cinematic aural experience, and is available in Apple’s Spatial Audio.

Sefi Carmel is represented by Jay Mistry. Listen to the new album here.

Sefi Carmel, artist, producer and composer says: “Have you ever wondered why trailers compel you so deeply to watch a movie or play a game? A lot of it lies in the music. I wanted to create an album that’s as energising as it is enjoyable while simultaneously working with some of the world’s greatest musical talent to enhance my own music. The result is this unique, collaborative new offering, Let’s Go to the Movies!. With Posthaste’s incredible track record of music distribution worldwide I can’t wait to release the album and see what audience’s make of the new sound.”

Chris Noxx, Director, Posthaste Music comments: "Sefi brings an incredible diversity of creativity and range to this album, his high-end technical approach to each mix adds a level of outstanding sonic punch to each composition and showcases his ability to evolve and elevate trends. I'm extremely pleased to be working with him on this outstanding project with Posthaste Music."

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