Gene Simmons and Ice-T have voiced support for Mike Tyson after the former professional boxer punched a fellow passenger on an aeroplane last week.

In video footage obtained by TMZ, Tyson was seen leaning over the back of his seat and punching the man in a "flurry of blows" while waiting on a flight scheduled to depart from San Francisco International Airport to Florida on Wednesday.

Tyson's representatives claimed the man, Melvin Townsend III, was acting "aggressive" towards him prior to the altercation, and last week, Simmons defended the 55-year-old by reposting influencer Jake Paul's tweet on the subject.

The post stated, "If you're being heckled in public like Mike Tyson was you should legally get a hall pass to beat someone's a*s. This generation thinks they can get away with anything."

Simmons replied, "Agreed!"

Meanwhile, Ice-T offered up his own take, calling Townsend a "clowna*s" who "forgot he was NOT behind his keyboard."

He complained, "The problem is nowadays, MFs think they WON'T get punched in the face..."

In a follow-up tweet, he continued, "If dumbf**ks said the type of s**t they say to me on HERE face to face... I know I'd be in prison."

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett also weighed in, and commented: "Our society has enabled people to mouth off... and get away with it thinking they can just make money off of a lawsuit if it turns physical."

Representatives for the airline and the San Francisco Police Department have not yet commented on the incident.